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When it comes to aluminium and glass, we are specialists in this field. We are aware of the continual technological advances being made around the world which enable us to “push the envelope”, and provide more design options for architects and luxury home builders.

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“Our clients are very discerning and appreciate unique architectural signatures which help to define their luxury home. This is why every product we design and make is a one-off. It is made specifically to suit an individual preference and to complement the vision of the architect. For nearly two decades, Aluminium and Glass Constructions has been sought after by Australia’s leading architects to turn creativity into reality.”

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Specialist Designer, Manufacturer & Installer to Australia | Luxury Home Market

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At Aluminum Glass and Construction, we know that choosing the right windows and doors is an easy task with the right advice and guidance. Our selection process will help you to choose the best custom windows and doors for your home or business style and geographical location.

Each and every one of our aluminum windows and doors, including our imported windows and doors, have been rigorously tested and the materials used are sourced to ensure it is of the highest quality. Each window and door have been made to comply with all Australian Standards and controls so the end result is ultraprecision and unmatched performance you will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

At Aluminum Glass and Construction Sydney , we can supply and install a wide range of aluminum windows and doors in Australia, not to mention our range of imported windows and doors giving you an extensive range of designs and styles.

It important to note when building or renovating in a bushfire-prone area with a risk of bushfire you will need to have windows and doors that comply with AS3959, to assist you in meeting these requirements we have a variety aluminum windows and doors that will comply with BAL-12.5,BAL-19,BAL-29 and BAL-40

  • Sliding Doors & Sliding Windows
  • Classic Hinged Doors & Bi Fold Doors
  • Double Hung Windows & Louvre Windows.

If you a home or business owner and are looking at lowering your energy bills, the tip is to keep your home or office at a comfortable temperature, maybe your planning on upgrading its aesthetics with the best local or imported window and doors, then we have you covered.

If you are building a new home or office, we have an impressive selection of newly constructed custom windows and doors designed to help you maximise energy efficiency not to mention kerb appeal.

At Aluminum Glass and construction, we offer you the guidance needed to buy the best windows and doors to suit your needs and requirements.


Yes, we can customise our windows and doors in Sydney to meet the size requirements to fit the space as well as the style you employ in your home or business. Our aluminium windows and doors in Sydney are sure to work with a variety of fresh modern styles that really connect your indoors and outdoors, for stylish alfresco living. Our over 25 years of experience in the business allows us to do this customisation with excellence and ease.

We pride ourselves in our energy efficient windows and doors. We have a wide range of aluminium windows and doors in Sydney with their own rated cooling, heating, thermal transmittance, and insulating properties from Window Energy Rating. This means that we can connect you with a door or window that best matches your location’s climate, whether you are a homeowner, architect or builder. Just tell us about your location and what you need. Our imported windows and doors also provide the finest array of styles and finishes to elevate your house and really make it feel like home.

Yes, we have a range of different glass with thermal coatings in our windows and doors in Sydney to make the material more efficient in reflecting heat and UV rays. Helping you keep your house cool in the summer months. The glass in our aluminum windows and doors in Sydney is also available with filters that allow you to see outside, but don’t allow others to see in.

All our aluminium windows and doors in Sydney are covered by warranty. This includes all of our imported windows and doors. The length of warranty depends on the product, contact us on (02) 9482 1897 for more details.

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